Private Hire

The bus is available for Private Hire when not otherwise in use.

Charges are based on time and distance travelled. Reduced rates are available for Local Charities, Clubs & Societies as well as Local Group Outings, such as schools. See below for details:

HiresPrice/mileWaiting time/hour
Local Charities, Clubs & Societies£2.50£5.00
Local Group Outings£2.50£5.00
Private Hires£2.50£5.00

Please remember our drivers are unpaid volunteers. Whilst they are happy to provide the basic service, certain conditions do apply.

All hires must be completed at the booked time. In the event of an on-the-day delay requested by the hirer, the driver will do their best to co-operate but retains the right to decline and to operate at the original time.

Please also note that our drivers cannot take the bus down extremely narrow lanes, into driveways, or indeed anywhere* they consider potentially dangerous or harmful to the bus. It is imperative for us to keep a clean insurance to guarantee the future of this valuable asset to the community – please don’t embarrass the driver by asking them to do more than they are happy with.

In both the above instances the driver’s decision is final. We ask for your co-operation and understanding.

For further details of rates and availability please call for information on 01444 400212 use the contact form below

    *Please be aware that the bus is quite a long and high vehicle, with a restricted turning circle and that reversing it in narrow confines, perhaps in the dark is not a manoeuvre that we wish to undertake. Whilst your destination might provide comfortable access for a car or 4×4, please consider that it may not be accessible to the bus! The driver will set down/collect at the nearest possible point.